Shashlik Rice



  • Heat oil in a pot; add eggs and salt to make omelets
  • Heat remaining oil in a pot; fry garlic golden; add carrots, capsicums, chicken cubes, soya sauce, pepper, Chinese salt and salt
  • Add rice and little water; keep on dum
  • Add omelets in rice and dish out
  • serve with shashlik stick


 Chicken Patty Burger




Selo Rice(Boilded)                         300 Grms

Garlic Chopped                             5 cloves

Eggs                                                4

Capsicum(Finely cut)                   1

Carrot(Finely cut)                         1

Black pepper(crushed)               1/2 tsp

Chicken Cubes                             2

Soya Sauce                                   2 tbsp

Chinese salt                                 1 pinch

Salt                                                to taste

Shashlik sticks(Prepared)


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