Best fruit and juices for weight gain


There is a lot of pro et contra information at one’s disposal on the internet regarding effective weight gain, the health and media are jam-packed with abundant myths and believes about weight gain. There are only a few sources that are scientifically demonstrated and display a positive result. Out of which five will be discussed today. hence, if you were scrolling the internet discerning for methods on losing weight. you have already lost the drain of research and found the place!

The easiest way through which healthy weight gain can be possible is through incorporating liquid items in your diet, their organoleptic and nutritional characteristics can boost one’s health.
  1. Avocados with protein mix juice


Avocados are known for their impressive nutrient profile, mixing them with a teaspoon of protein powder or just a few peanuts can ultimately increase the energy and calorie content to about 100g.

  1. Banana incorporated with dates


Banana biochemical structure shows a complex composition of beneficial nutrients, if they can be combined with dates for extra sugar punch, they can enhance the composition of carb and fat content.  A medium-sized banana contains about 0.5 g of fats and 4 grams of fiber that’s important for effective weight gain. dates on the other hand have an intense amount of magnesium, carbs, and potassium making the calorie value 66.5

  1. Green lemonade juice

green lemonade

A fruit corresponding juice has a unique characteristic pattern. Try this unique combination of apple, Kale, cucumber spinach, mint, and lemon. All these green and yellow fruits have nourishing properties that are energy-boosting and aid in producing fresh blood cells. Some fruits are watery other are fibrous for weigh gain some fatty and starchy item is necessary and this drink is not only healthy but also appetizing, containing all the essential items.

  1. Pineapple and mango with a tint of honey


Consuming these fruits independently or combining them to make a juice, both ways will benefit for effective weight gain. As both of them are rich in vitamin -c and mango is the best natural source of vitamin-A. their carotenoids and bioavailability from the juice are better than any vegetable. Adding a tint of honey to them would not only bind the juice but also forms versatile flavor and consistency.

  1. Apple and berries

apple and berries

As exquisite they sound, they are a rich source of chlorogenic and phenolic acids that help the body to digest and absorb the nutrients. Apple juice has a cloudy texture because of quercetin, this component plays an important role in balancing the blood glucose level. Hence people who don’t want to use sugars can dd a piece of apple for giving a sweet punch to the drink and a smooth texture. These properties of apples and berries will lead to weight gain. Diet nutritionists recommend these fruits due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They can be consumed raw or blended into a juice either way its biological impact on health would be the same.

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