Apply These 5 Secret Techniques to Improve Weight Loss Journey


There is a lot of pro and cons information at one’s disposal on the internet regarding effective weight loss journey, the weight loss media is jam-packed with abundant myths and believes about weight loss. There are only a few sources that are scientifically demonstrated and display a positive result. Out of which five will be discussed today. Hence, if you were scrolling the internet discerning for methods on losing weight. You have already lost the drain of research and found the place!

These 5 secret techniques are hassle-free and show quick results. Starting with the most recent findings on what’s known as

  1. Intermittent fasting

Most people who have started a weight loss journey, can’t manage to balance their routines of eating. It’s a conventional mistake to pretermit the meal you’ve already consumed. So, health and diet nutritionists procured an eating pattern in which people preside a cycle between periods of eating and fasting at certain timings. Mostly 7 hours of fast after a healthy and nutritious breakfast or 5 hours of fast after lunch. Moreover, fasting is more of a natural method, and it’s always lucrative to have periodical breaks from eating. As its remunerative for metabolism and integral in balancing the body’s nutrients.

  1. Lemon and water

lemon and water

This technique might run off the mill and prosaic but it’s known to have supreme benefits. Only if lemon and water are consumed as the first drink in the morning it will not only help with weight loss but also the weight loss journey and complement the dietary plan. For extra perquisites, it can also be riveted twice a day. One before sleeping and one cup in the morning. It keeps the digestion track in fine fettle and makes catabolism more unambiguous. Resultantly calories will also be burned quicker and weight loss will be more evident.

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  1. Boiled food

boiled food

Many nutritionists would endorse a person variety of meals throughout his or her weight loss journey, but anyone would rarely propound on using boiled food more adequately. Boiled vegetables are presumptive to give off all their nutritious components than cooked or baked food. Boiled fish or chicken is as much exquisite as boiled vegetables.  Diversity of meals can be favorably inclined using boiled components.

  1. Brushing teeth in between the meals

Reading this might sound bizarre but it’s a secret tip that will surely complement the weight loss journey. This method tends to truncate the temptation of sweet snacking or cravings for salty and unplanned foods. This is also used as a form of self-control. Many athletes and fitness trainers advocate this to their clients as it will control their peccadillos for junk food consumption. Especially for individuals who are frequently snacking at night, if they brush teeth in the evening, they will feel less tempted to snack

  1. Use a smaller sized plate

This technique is more psychological than physical. Often poodle will fill their plates that will increase the calorie intake. but if a small plate is even filled it won’t have an impact because the proportion of food would be anyways reduced. Moreover, this fact has a scientific backup as well. Where research was conducted and it was statistically proven that smaller plate size had an ramification on food control and extra calorie intake.


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